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passing reliable technologies to the Ukrainian market

To whom it may concern

Our company has more than eleven years history of successful experience at the Ukrainian telecommunications market. Having numerous local customers, we do our best to supply the following items:

  1. Satellite TV systems: DVB-S (currently DVB-S2, MPEG4 HDTV) receivers, LNB (single, twin, quad), DiSEqC switches,
  2. Cable TV systems: DVB-C (conax and crypton embedded CAS), outdoor and indoor amplifiers, SPLIT, TAP,
  3. Coaxial cables: RG6, RG6-U, RG59, F{59, 6, 11, 15}, F {640, 660, 690, 1160, 1560} / {BV, BVM, BEM, Cu},
  4. Fiber optical cables: GYTA, GYDTA, GYTS, GYFTY, GYXTC8Y, GYXTW
  5. Active optical microwave equipment: 1330/1550nm optical transmitters and optical receivers, mini node, media converter (either Ethernet or video over the fiber) and media converter 19' rack as well as passives: patch cords, couplers, adaptors an attenuators.

Having numerous partners all over the world, we pay much attention to the fertile Asian market prices (Korea, Taiwan, China) and European advanced technologies and quality control. The result products appear to be simultaneously cheap and reliable, satisfying the most demands of our customers.

Dear friends! May be, you are looking for the Ukrainian telecommunication market? Let's start our cooperation immediately. Please kindly leave your message for the our marketing department in the form below.

Mortelecom Service,
Odessa, Ukraine.

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